Workshops and Training

Marty Martin leading a session
on increasing Board performance.

Comments from Training Participants

  • "This is the meatiest, most thought-provoking class I’ve taken. Very interactive. I’ve taken away a lot of information to process!"

  • "The workshop served as a compass in showing me the direction the board needs to take in organizational development."

  • “A wake-up call. Being on a board is more than just ‘being on a board’. Really opened up my eyes.”

  • “I think the biggest change that occurred was the awareness that the organization is not just a neighborhood social club-but a functioning legal entity with fiduciary responsibilities assigned to its leaders.”

  • “Provides focus and strategies for future board recruitment, fund raising, and analysis.”

  • “I am on four nonprofit boards for various organizations in the county and it helps me to realize I need to evaluate if I was doing a good job for each.”

  • “I am motivated to become more educated and improve my own capacity.”

  • “This will help us to re-focus on our core mission to our members and the community. This will open discussion on many new topics and procedures.”

  • “Effective tools to take back to the organization.”

  • “It will help me recruit effective board members and set us up to succeed as an organization.”

  • “If we have the stamina and persistence to carry the message, it will serve us well in changing the culture of our organization.”

  • “Learned the need to convey to the board the seriousness of their commitment and responsibility. The need to face the divisive issues and not ignore them. Thanks for great insights and opening our minds to new approaches.”

  • “I was really unaware of the criteria for a board so this course definitely opened my eyes to what the board should be doing to aid our organization.”

Workshops and Training

Serving on a board of directors is a learned skill. In today’s world, “Learning is a Board’s Core Competency.”

Today a nonprofit board of directors must be engaged and knowledgeable. How well their nonprofit performs depends upon the board and staff developing a strong governance and management culture. Assessment and training are vital to establishing and sustaining strong, accountable, and knowledgeable board members and staff.

Board and Capacity Assessment Click to learn more

By assessing their organization and themselves, nonprofit board members and staff improve their capacity to benefit those they serve.

Marty can use a variety of assessment tools to help your board of directors and senior management build a better performing nonprofit.

Assessments tools which he can use include:

Board Workshops

Marty provides information packed and interactive board workshops and training. Provided either through an individual session or in a series his workshops are designed to strengthen the board and organization’s capacity.

Representative workshops include:

  • Board Orientation - Board members coming on a new board of directors will benefit significantly from a structured orientation on their expectations and roles and responsibilities related to their service as a new board member. Working with the current senior leadership this workshop will provide a structured orientation shaped to the needs of their board which will help new board members hit the ground running in their new board assignments.

  • Board Governance - A board of directors has increasing accountability and legal responsibility for the nonprofit and its actions. This workshop provides a substantive overview for the new and experienced board member and senior management in the evolving legal and governance management.

  • Board Governance: Linking Performance and Prestige - Increasing accountability require a board and senior management to manage their nonprofit effectively. This workshop will introduce participants to the concepts of a Balanced Scorecard as a management and governance model to map strategy and to establish a high performing organization.

  • S.O.A.R. - To Develop a Strong Board - Developing a strong board requires careful consideration of who serves on the board. This workshop provides a four step process to develop a stronger and more effective board of directors.

  • Planning and Implementation - Boards and staff must plan and implement. This workshop provides the opportunity for the board and staff to do both.

Custom Workshops and Webinars

Upon request, Marty can also provide customized training on issues relevant to a nonprofit. In some instances, training can be delivered through a webinar which may benefit small and mid-sized nonprofits located outside of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Contact him to discuss your organization’s particular needs.

                More Comments from Training Participants

  • “Excellent, knowledgeable instructor with very useful handout materials.”

  • “Several AFP members recently heard a presentation by Marty Martin, JD, MPA on the role of board members in the fund raising process. It was excellent and needs to be repeated to a broader audience.”

  • “Paradigm of SOAR easy to understand and includes simple steps for implementation.”

  • “Laser focused.”

  • “First session was great–anticipated second day.”

  • “I thought this program was informational, enjoyable, and excellent.”

  • “Useful details of things to keep in mind when meeting with both NPO and FPO who want to make alliances.”

  • “Lots of suggestions. We plan to incorporate these in our board planning.”

  • “Encourage organizations to send more board members.”

  • “Gives clear indicators, measures to assess effectiveness of board and need for strategy.”

  • “Excellent speaker. Well prepared and organized. PowerPoint presentation helpful. His part of the manual will be used in the future. He was very willing to answer questions.”

  • “Thank you for an incredible experience which will only improve our participation as an NPO (board or volunteer).”


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